Bowl with beef chili topped with cheddar cheese and chopped scallions

Three Chili Recipes: Hearty, Vegan, and Cincinnati-style

Anyone who enjoys chili probably has a favorite recipe. The perfection of chili is that ingredients can be omitted, added, or doubled to suit your family’s preferences. Much like stew, chili is a hot, filling meal in itself. Its American origin is traced back to cowboys in the southwest. Lengthy cattle drives inspired the creation of what we now know as chili. After all, isn’t necessity the mother of invention? Rumor has it, the cowboys would plant the herbs, peppers, and onions used in the stew when headed in one direction, then harvest their plantings on their return trip. With chopped beef and a hot fire, chili was invented!
Vegetarian Potato Salad - All American Recipes for Independence Day –

All-American Menu for July Fourth

Celebrating America's Independence Day is one of those occasions that creates fun memories and brings people together for a relaxed, enthusiastic, and fun party. If you're craving a bit of classic American cuisine this July 4th, here are recipes to help you in the kitchen: Sean's Blue Cheese Burgers, Julie's Potato Salad, Tomato Corn Salad, American Apple Pie (for cooks with helpers), and Chocolate Ice Box Pie (for cooks short on time/help).
Cooking Asparagus

Green Asparagus – Sprouting In A Garden Near You

I am fascinated by foods, such as asparagus, that withstand the test of time and trends. Its existence in the Mediterranean during ancient times secured its popularity with ancient Greeks and Romans, and early Egyptians. The Greeks named the sprouting green for its tendency to be the first to shoot up from the ground each spring. The same goes for asparagus today, since we all know that its arrival in our local market means spring is here!