Be Featured

Would you like to be featured as part of my interview series? You’re doing something amazing and I’d love to give you space to show it off to my community here.

This is like a free ad for you and your work. My blog has 5,000+ readers a month (the majority are based in USA, UK, Australia), my Instagram has 3,000+ followers (in Ireland, USA, and around the world), my Twitter has 5,000+ followers from around the world, and my Pinterest has 21,800 followers and 118,300 monthly viewers. This helps your work be known and recognised as it deserves to be. I make no money on my blog (aside from about £25 a year from Amazon affiliates).

Previously, I only allowed 12 interviews per year, but I can share a maximum of 26 interviews per year. I only post interviews on Tuesdays, and even then I try to alternate with recipes or travel posts. My Thursday posts will always be focused on my own craft projects or ideas, or even my own knitting designs. I have so many I’ve never written about that I’d love to share with you.

I’m a planner, so I write my blog posts 1–6 months in advance. This means that often a slot in my content calendar isn’t available immediately. I try to coordinate with you for an ideal time, like while your shop is active and you’re not on vacation.


Interview Links

I have a selection of interviews for different creators, so if one is a good fit for you, complete the form and I’ll be in touch about featuring the interview as an upcoming blog post.

Author/Writer Interview

Knitwear Designer Interview

Artisan & Small Business Interview

Yarn Hand-dyer Interview

Musician Interview

You can click through and read the questions to see if it’s something you’d like and most questions can be skipped if you’re not comfortable answering them (they’re not very personal).


You, Yes You

If you think you’re not big enough or well established enough to be interviewed, you’re probably wrong. If you create and have an online sales portal (Etsy, Shopify, BigCartel, your own site,…), you’re ready so let’s try to send some new customers your way. There are only three requirements:

  1. No racists. I believe that Black Lives Matter.
  2. Your business cannot be an MLM.
  3. Your business cannot exclusively be for buyers over age of 18.

I especially want to support black- or brown-owned small businesses, makers who are or were asylum seekers or immigrants, LGBTQ+ community members, and anyone who has been oppressed or othered because of who they are.

As you know from my social media, I am vocally antiracist and continuing the ongoing work of unraveling the unconscious bias instilled in me by society. If I make a mistake, which I will, I am ready and willing to own it and work on being better.

In each interview, I specifically require interviewees confirm they too are doing the work to be aware of systemic racism and their own unconscious bias, and become antiracist. There is no space for racism or bullying here. In my last book, a yarn dyer was replaced and the book was delayed in order to stand up for this.