My Writing Portfolio

I write a lot, so I’ve created this page to list and link to my non-EvinOK writing work. I organized them by topic… I know I should love all my writing work equally, but I marked my super favorites with *.

The 70-some blog posts linked to below were written over the course of 17 months when I led their blog leading up to its winning Best Corporate Marketing & Communications Blog in Ireland (2016). After that, I focused on customer-use case studies.

2017 Best Corporate Marketing Award

I have written and published over 600 posts for EvinOK since March 2011. This blog has won Best Personal Craft Blog in Ireland twice (2014, 2017) and was awarded Bronze in 2018. I also self-published books with my independent publishing company and managed production and publishing for another book.

Gold Award for Best Personal Arts & Crafts Blog in Ireland 2017 | EvinOKGold Winner – V by Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017 – Non-commercial Arts & Crafts

Content Marketing Certified by HubSpot Academy | Evin O'Keeffe

Inbound Certified | Evin O'Keeffe


Knitting and Crafts

Profile of and Interview with Carol Feller | Interweave Knits, Spring 2013 Digital Edition

Irish Country Living four-part series (Intro, 1, 2, 3, 4) with original knitwear designs | Irish Farmers Journal, February 2018

…and most of the posts in this blog.

Wellness and Life Balance

How Plants Can Make Your Office Healthier * | Blog

How Multitasking is Killing Your Brain * | Blog

Chasing Work Life Balance | Blog

Business, Productivity, and Collaboration

How Your Team Can Accomplish a One in 16 Million Chance of Error * | Blog

4 Reasons to Wear the Same Thing to Work Every Day * | Blog

Strive for the Gold: How to Persevere like an Olympian  | Blog

Unparalleled Collaboration in a Fast-Paced Environment *  | Blog

4 Ways to Gain Momentum and Trust as a Team | Blog

Make Shrewd Decisions in 3 Powerful Steps | Blog

The Secrets of Pre-Vacation Productivity | Blog

Leadership Lessons Learned from Game of Thrones | Blog

Why Collaboration NFL-Style Makes You a True Team Player | Blog

Fundamentals of the Complete 15-Minute Break * | Blog

Important & Urgent – How to Focus on Things That Matter | Blog

Schedule Your Day With the Pomodoro Technique | Blog

4 Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated on Long-Term Projects | Blog

3 Reasons to Offer Free Food at Work | Blog

How Santa Collaborates with His Elves for Team Success | Blog

Work Smarter, Not Harder | Blog

Surviving and Succeeding at Conference Events | Blog

Surviving and Succeeding at the Web Summit | Blog

What Makes Successful Bosses So Remarkable | Blog

3 Things to Begin a Productive Work Day | Blog

The Best Business Videos to Inform and Inspire | Blog

The Benefits of an Office Library | Blog

Purposeful Team Building Activities | Blog

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen | Blog

5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking | Blog

Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make | Blog

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Team Relationships | Blog

Why Office Murals are On the Rise | Blog

7 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Dry Erase Board | Blog

9 Ways to Thank Your Team for Being Awesome | Blog

The 3 Secrets to Building a Winning Team | Blog

Infographic: Give Useful Feedback with The Sandwich Technique | Blog

Marketing Industry Leaders Share Advice & Perspective | Blog

Advice and Perspective from Top Women Leaders in Education | Blog


Customer Support and Social Media

3 Elements of Strong Customer Support | Blog

How to Build THE Best Customer Support Team | Blog

The Art of Listening | Blog

Customer Support in the Age of Technology | Blog

3 Simple Tips to Avoid Landing in the Soup Online | Blog

How to Get the Most from Your Customer Support Experience | Blog

The Customer Support Tool Kit | Blog

How WE Use Teamwork Desk | Blog


Expat Life and Travel

Trying to get a taste of Thanksgiving in Ireland | Irish Examiner

I Heart My City: Evin’s Cork | National Geographic


Food & Cooking

Chickpea & Olive Salad with Lemon Dressing | Jen’s Kitchen

Valentine’s Day Family Breakfast |


Book Reviews

Book Review: Inbound Marketing | Blog

Establishing Findability in the Age of SEO Obsession * | Blog

Customer Support Lessons Learned from Micah Solomon | Blog


Press & Publications

Sometimes, I’m in the newspaper or media for my writing or a book I’ve published. Here are a few links to recent articles by or about me:

Like Magazine September 2015 Like Magazine 2015 Instafoodies Chestnut Hill College Spring 2015 magazine Chestnut Hill College Spring 2015 magazine Do you know how many weird looks you get when taking a #selfie with a newspaper on Pana? But it's my #byline, so it isn't weird! #irishexaminer #lacemaking

The dos and don'ts of buying for baby

Off to the These Islands book launch at @knitmidleton See you there! #booklaunch #selfie #TheseIslands

Green room selfie We made the newspaper for looking so fab at the Cork Marketing Ball.

IKEA Live Magazine April 2015

Valentine's Day Family Breakfast on WayfairCoUk

Valentine's Day Family Breakfast on WayfairCoUk

Knit this stunning frontier shawl from new craft book, These Islands via Irish Country Living

I Heart My City: Evin’s Cork on National Geographic Travel Blog

Trying to get a taste of Thanksgiving in Ireland via the Irish Examiner

Trying to get a taste of Thanksgiving in Ireland via the Irish Examiner In the paper and on the telly the same week? Crazy! Now back to my regularly-scheduled life. This photos is from the Irish Examiner.

The online reviewers who can make you, or break you via The Times The online reviewers who can make you, or break you in The Times

Daytripper in The Cork News

Good Things on Irish Girlie Knits Designs

2013: A Year in Review on Knitter's Review

A few favourite Irish cookbooks of 2014 via BiblioCook

Packing For A Long Flight With A Toddler by Evin O'Keeffe via Zulily

Bake, Knit and Sew written about on Restaurants and Food in Cork by CorkBilly

Let's put the 'International' into Cork Airport via Cork Independent

2010 Pink Auction mentioned in The Ballincollig Parishioner