Comprehensive List of Patterns to Use with Mini Skeins, Scraps & Yarn Calendar Sets

We all have those mini skeins we treasure, smaller yardage balls, and are maybe even eyeing a hand-dyed mini skein set for a daily knitting project. When I dine out, I love a nice main course, but have you ever wanted to make an entire feast of appetisers and finger food? That’s what mini skeins feel like sometimes. Each is delicious and eye-catching, but sometimes overlooked as a feast because of its size. Well, let’s at least resolve the unsung hero issues for mini skeins and scraps here.

This post is a Comprehensive List of Patterns to Use with Mini Skeins & Yarn Calendar Sets. I have a separate post which is a Useful List of Knitting Patterns I’ve Designed for Yarn Scraps and Mini Skeins, but this post is all-encompassing and thorough. While it includes a list of knitting patterns ideally suited for mini skeins, a bought countdown calendar or fade, or a collection of mini skeins you’ve collected over the years. I also have a post about how to create your own set or fade from leftover bits. These patterns work with any mini skein combination or set, from secular to Advent to Hanukkah calendar sets (like this one).

If you’re on Instagram, please join me over there for more frequent updates on my knitting, designing, baking, and life’s adventures – my Instagram account. I keep updating this post as I learn about more relevant patterns, so this is one to bookmark.

Update: All the links are pretty much Ravelry. I am working through all old blog posts to include clear link labelling and links to my patterns on LoveCrafts.


Mini Skeins Shine in These Patterns:

Mini Skeins from Eve Chambers Textiles | EvinOK

Not Designed for Minis, but Works Well:

Bear in sheep’s clothing advent calendar of mini skeins for 2018. Read more on

Mini Skein Calendar-Focused Patterns:

Gradient yarns deserve special designs. Trying to decide from @feller.carol 's book #knittingwithrainbows. Left rainbow mini skein set is from @folkestoneharbouryarn, top green gradiwnt is from @easyknitter, right minis are from @smudgeyarns #gradient #gr

Leftovers/Minis with a Full Neutral Skein:

(sometimes a full skein is offered as an add-on for calendar sets)


Fades for larger yardages:

 Mini skeins and leftover yarn. What to knit with them on

Leftovers/Mini Skeins:


Countless Leftovers/Mini Skeins:

My yarn stash. #yarnstash #yarnlarder #yarn #knitting #handdyedyarn #evinok

Advent-focused Patterns:

Useful for Leftovers:



What is your favourite pattern for mini skeins?

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