How I [Don’t] Make Money Blogging: Disclosure

I’m often asked, how do I make money blogging? The short answer is… I don’t. Or barely.

The long answer is that I occasionally (twice a year maybe) accept an invitation to write a sponsored post in exchange for a sample product or gift certificate. I really must admit, they are few and far between and only arranged with companies whom I admire or for items which I truly want. I turn down 95% of requests because as nice as a little money can be, my integrity is more important to me. For this reason, most of my income comes from non-blog projects.

Outside of my blog and my book, I focus on consulting work in the field of publications design, newsletters, blog coaching, blog/web set-up, content management, selling handmade items, designing graphics to sell on items, selling prints of my artwork/photography/paintings, creative non-fiction publishing, and freelance writing. These are the gigs that actually help pay for my craft supplies, software, and camera. My Bachelor’s degree is in Communications and Fine Arts, so I’m actually qualified. If you ever need help in these areas, drop me a line. Affiliate Links (I earn about $30 per year through this) Affiliate Links (I earn about £15 per year through this) Invitation Link (No money yet) Invitation Link (Less than £30 from this)

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