Free Knitting Pattern: Stripy Cozy Baby Blanket

The Stripy Cozy Baby Blanket is brilliant for beginner or experienced knitters alike.

Duet of Handknit Baby Blankets

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This is a simple and Free Knitting Pattern for a Stripy Cozy Baby Blanket that uses self-striping yarn to inspire a textural feature. Moss stitch edging then stockinette, but a surprise purling when the bold colour arrives. A second coordinating yarn paired with the self-striping one creates nice depth and warmth. Go up a needle size if you are a tight knitter or for more airy feel.

I have not tested all variations so trust your instincts as you are working on this. Modelled after my Blue Skies Baby Blanket.

Planning Your Pattern:
Observe your self-striping yarn and find the dominant striping color within the pattern. This is the color that you will want to coordinate with your solid-hued yarn. Hold a strand of the dominant self-striping section up  against the solid skein and if they are indiscernible they are right colors to pair.

What You Need:
• At least 370 yards, DK weight yarn in a varied or self-striping colorway
• At least 370 yards, DK weight yarn in a solid color that coordinates with major striping hue
• 6.5mm (10.5 US) knitting needles

If using bulky yarn, you only need about 370 yards for a small baby blanket since you won’t be doubling up the yarn and creating a colour stripe, just a textured one. I’ve knit two lovely Stripy Cozy Baby Blankets with 730 yards and 612 yards of DK each.

download now from Ravelry

As a beginner knitter, the entire blanket from start to finish took me over one month, but my skills were not what they are now. The final blanket was completely worth it though and it is a great stash buster project if you have cotton-blend DKs sitting around.

Blue Skies Blanket 1


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Originally posted in March 2010 on my old blog, Spring Stitches.


  1. Evin says:

    You can print the entire blog post. I hope to update this post next week with a link to the PDF of the pattern. Of course, I must first create the PDF.

  2. Louise Wibberley says:

    I would love a PDF of this pattern, it is so much easier yo save yo my tablet if in that format.
    Thanks louise

  3. rose says:

    I really like this pattern.

    As I am in Australia just wondering if the
    dk wool you used is the same as our 8 ply?
    Thank you for your reply.

  4. Toni says:

    I am not following the 2 different yarns – are they knit holding both strands together or when do you change from the self-striping to the solid?

    • Evin says:

      Toni, The two different yarns are held together and knit as one strand. There is no changing of yarns, only of stitches. Hope this helps. Evin

    • Evin says:

      Becky, The two yarns are knit as one. You hold them together and pretend they are one strand. The only shift comes with switching from stockinette at the colour switch. Does that make more sense? Hope this helps. If you are on Ravelry, please join the EvinOK group for additional pattern support. Evin

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