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Visiting Seattle: Six Days in the Emerald City

Seattle, Washington, is perched on the western coast of the United States and enjoys its Pacific Northwest weather to the fullest. Nine months of the year, it enjoys lush rain and in the summer months the sun is out most days. In the winter, the temperatures can drop below freezing, but snow accumulation is rare. June, July, and August are paradise with long hours of sunlight, moderate temperatures, and the occasional bout of rain. If I only am in Seattle for a long weekend, my priorities are seeing my friends and family, visiting Rachel at Pike Place Market, and eating at: • Piroshky Piroshky • HoneyHole Sandwiches • Kingfish Cafe • Monsoon • Galerias Restaurant However, if you want to do more than just eat while you are in Seattle, here is a six-day itinerary I cooked up that lets you see the city.