Why do I blog?

No really, I’m asking. My parents don’t read my blog, my husband doesn’t read my blog, and my son doesn’t read yet. If they’re not reading who is? My stats tell me that my posts get over 11,000 views a month. Then when I’m thinking this, I learn that this blog that you’re reading right this minute is a finalist in the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland. That’s right, EvinOK is one of the SIX BEST CRAFT BLOGS in IRELAND. *Breathing into a paper bag*

blog awards ireland

Seriously?!?! Me? My blog? My words? My photos? My posts? I’m amazed and honoured. Sure, I put A LOT of work into this blog and my posts, but an award seems like something important people receive. But I guess to LB I am very important, but being a finalist is pretty cool as it is. Wow. Must. Sit. Down. Especially when I’m sitting in such amazing company. The other finalists in the Craft category are:

Have a gander at these talented neighbours on this lovely Emerald Isle.


  1. Sarah C says:

    You just received the recognition that the rest of us already knew…you are an awesome person, friend, blogger, cook, photographer, and most importantly momma. Congrats!!!

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