Kid Crafts, Home Learning, Cleaning Hacks, and Knitting While Cocooning

We are on day 19 of being at home with our two sons, Optimus 8 and Bumblebee 3, so I feel I can reasonable post with some ideas on keeping kids engaged during this period of cocooning. These ideas are also perfect for rainy days or school vacations when you have a large expanse of time together and need different ideas. I am trying to post some also on my Instagram in a highlight titled Kids@Home.

In sharing these ideas and links, I want to reassure you that you’re already doing well. This is something we’ve not dealt with before and to be in confined spaces with other people is hard enough without their moods and interests changing every ten minutes. I’m in a city apartment without a garden, but so grateful I did a huge decluttering and reorganisation in October so my place is actually useful and pleasant. It is challenging even on good days and I want to reassure you that this list isn’t a To-Do List by any means. But if you’re looking for ideas or resources, there are here for you. But you were an equipped and functioning parent before this and you still are!

Kid Crafts from EvinOK

Pinterest Boards from EvinOK

Home Learning Online

Museum/Culture Tours Online

Movement on YouTube


I offered several ideas within each category because not everyone will have the supplies, equipment, or interests. And I recognise that options to buy supplies are severely limited right now, but also the warehouse, shipping, and delivery staff are under enough pressure to order non-essential items. For this reason, I also am not encouraging crafts using flour, rice, or pasta because food waste is not possible for many of us right now. These ideas are from my previous 685 published blog posts and websites my sons’ teachers have recommended.

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