My Homemade Cards Against Humanity Knitter-themed Bumper Pack

Sometimes, I make something then forget to write about it. Ok, that actually happens a lot. I probably make about four things a week, at least, but only blog twice a week. So, I keep my standards high and if the project isn’t perfect, I used to not share it. But now, I’m realising it’s not about perfection, it’s about cool stuff I’ve tried to make. I mean, nothing crashed and burned, but this project wasn’t as seamless as I like. Though I’ll admit the result is pretty gang cool. Oh, yeah, I need to tell you all about my homemade Cards Against Humanity knitter-themed bumper pack.



  • Two or three decks of playing cards
  • Sheets of 100-150 labels to be printed on a laser printer
  • Actual downloaded Cards Against Humanity card content
  • My knitting-focused content




  1. I wrote all my ideas in a document and added all the Cards Against Humanity ones that kinda went with the craftiness.
  2. Then I placed them into my label template that went with labels I bought at the office supply store.
  3. I printed them at a local print shop.
  4. I placed the answers (usually on white cards) on the number/face side of the playing card. I placed the questions (usually on black cards) on the patterned back side (red in this case) of the playing card.
    * Now this is the tricky bit – once you put a label on a card, set it aside so you don’t accidentally put another label on the other side of the card. Yeah, that’s a pro tip right there.

That’s it! If you want to make your own set, download a PDF of my labels doc. You’ll need to adjust it to your label template, but it’s all there ready to go.




I find the set really fun, though honestly when us knitters get together we don’t tend to play games because our hands are too busy actually knitting or crocheting. But I have them just in case!


Right after I made them (back in March 2016), I went to Edinburgh Yarn Festival and at our table on the first night at Agva, my cards debuted. Well, we mostly just looked at them, but this was the highlight of the evening!



Knitters Against Swatches

Of course, since then there is an actual Knitters Against Swatches bumper pack which is printed on proper cards. I ordered them after that and bundled together I have a complete game of awesomeness. I just need to put down my knitting long enough to play.

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