How to keep the house clean with kids

It’s all well and good knowing how to clean a mirror, or which products work best for bringing the sparkle back to your chrome sink. However, trying to balance the cleaning that needs doing with everything else life as a parent throws at you can be quite difficult. Especially if your children (like mine, and really most children) are prone to making messes! Here are some top tips for how to keep your house clean with kids.

How to keep your home clean with kids -

Top 3 ways to keep your house clean with kids

It’s actually easier than you think to keep on top of your household chores and cleaning, even with children in your home! No, really, I’m serious. With two little boys, I’ve had my share of messes and chaos at home, but there are some approaches that have really helped me maintain a tidy, clean home without losing my sanity. Here are three easy tips to help you on your way:

  1. Keep on top of the clutter. Children grow. It’s a fact of life. As they grow, the things they have and need seem to multiply and lead to extra clutter in your home. Decluttering regularly will help keep your house clean. This could include:
    • Making sure you go through their wardrobe, clearing out any clothing which no longer fits.
    • Donate toys they are too old to use anymore to charity.
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  1. Involve your children in the cleaning. One way to ensure your house stays clean, and take the pressure off you, is to involve your children in the cleaning! Some ways you could do this include:
    • Setting up a chore chart, to show who is in charge of what household cleaning and chores.
    • Using a reward system, such as a reward chart, for when they help tidy and clean up after themselves.

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    • Have a check-in-check-out system for their toys. To ensure you don’t end up with all the toys out at once, let your children know if they want a new toy out, the one they already have out needs to be put away first.
    • Make sure that the toy boxes are at a level your children can reach, to make it easier for them to help put things away. From undeserved storage, to personalised storage boxes there are so many different storage solutions you could try.

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How to keep the house clean with kids.

  1. Keep to a “little and often” routine to make your life easier. Having to do one, massive deep clean can take up a lot of time. Time as parents is precious, so to ensure you don’t have to dedicate an entire day to deep clean, set yourself up a routine to clean little and often. For example, change the beds on a Sunday, clean the kitchen sides after every meal etc.

So, there you go! With these three easy tips you can ensure you’re able to keep on top of the cleaning in your home. Now, it’s all about putting your knowledge of how to clean a mirror and homemade cleaner recipes to good use.

How to keep the house clean with kids.

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