Best pet toys you can make with kids at home easily

My sons LOVE their canine aunt and have such fun playing with her, but also know their toys need to be different.

Buying toys for pets can get expensive, but you can create your own at home that are so easy to make the kids can get involved too. From cat wands and DIY hamster toys to dog treat boxes, here are three toys for pets that you and the kids can enjoy making at home.


Small animal maze

Gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters – small animals kept in cages can get pretty bored, so making them a fun obstacle course will brighten up their day! Use an empty tissue box to create a maze for them to race around.

Draw out where you want the walls to go on the inside of the base first, and then stick down pieces of card vertically to create those walls. Remember to cut open an entry door and an exit on opposite corners, and then watch your hamster have lots of fun. DIY hamster toys like this are a great way to recycle used packaging while making your pet a fun toy.

Best pet toys you can make with kids at home easily


Cat wand

Cats love to chase things, pounce, and bat at dangly objects. So to keep your kitten amused, you can craft something as simple as a length of yarn to pull along the floor in front of them. But you can also make something a bit more sophisticated, like a cat wand.

This isn’t a wizard wand, but your cat will find it rather magical. You could think of it as a fishing rod, too. All you need is a stick, like a length of dowel, with a piece of string, yarn or ribbon securely attached to one end. You then attach pieces of ribbon, scraps of felt, craft feathers, sparkly strands etc. at various points along the length. Hold it out in front of your cat and shake it around to encourage lots of fun jumping, leaping and pouncing.

cat playing with homemade toy


Dog treat box challenge

Dogs love to play with cardboard boxes, and they love to eat treats, so put the two together and you have a fun toy for your four-legged friend! Simply place some of their favourite treats inside an empty box – this could be a cereal box, for example – and tape it shut. Give it a shake in front of them, and then let the destruction begin!  

dog playing in empty box

Now you have three ideas for making toys for your pets, whether that’s a dog, cat or small animal, you can get crafting with the kids, and create something really fun for your furry family member.


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