Handmade Felt Heart with Blanket Stitching

I love a bit of sparkle for any holiday, especially at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but I have two small children and that’s much like having curious cats because knocking things on the floor to see how they bounce is their favorite pastime. So, I opt for unbreakable felt, wood, or fabric decorations until they are a little older. Bunting is huge at our place! But today’s post is a sweet little hand-sewn felt heart that, unlike real hearts, won’t break. It is a sweet decoration for Valentine’s Day or a gift for someone special. Make several and string them together for bunting! Or make a few and save them up for Christmas gifts. Here is the simple tutorial on how to make one of your very own.

Felt Heart with Blanket Stitching

Time: 60-90 minutes, depending on the complexity of the shape





Colorful felt


Contrasting embroidery thread

Festive ribbon

Polyester stuffing


1. Draw or trace your preferred shape onto the paper with a pencil. Possibilities are endless. I chose a heart. A star, clover, circle or leaf would also be lovely. Cut the shape out. Use the template to trace and cut out the shape twice from the felt. If you want a festive edge, use pinking shears or patterned scissors for the felt cutting.

2. Place the two layers of felt together and stitch around most of the edges using the blanket stitch with the contrasting embroidery thread, leaving the top edges for last. If you do not like the appearance of the blanket stitch, choose a different stitch to close the ornament edges.

3. Stuff the polyester filling into the ornament.

4. Cut a length of ribbon so the loop will be enough to hang on the wall, a strand of ribbon for bunting, or the branch of a Christmas tree. Knot the two ends of the ribbon together. Slip the knotted end into the ornament. When continuing with the blanket stitch over that section, be sure to thread the needle through the ribbon opening.

5. Once done with the edge stitching, make a knot then thread the needle across through the heart and cut on the other side so the thread end is hidden within the heart itself.

Note: You can embroider or sew buttons on the felt before piecing together for added personality or decoration. Consider sewing buttons on in the shape of the first initial of the recipient.


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