A Love-filled Knitting Care Package

I received a fabulous care package in the mail this week from my friend Marseille (you remember her from my stitch markerbirthday care package, hand knit socks, and Fibre Space posts, right?) so this post is detailing its fabulous contents. Oh, where do I start? How about clockwise from top right.

Knitting care package

Knitting care package

I’m more than a little in love with the ice cream sandwich zippered pouch. Peeking out of it, you’ll see little sticky notes and sticky tabs. Brilliant for making notes on knitting patterns and marking favourites in pattern books (and cookbooks). She knows me so well!

The Shibui Mix pattern (No. 14) by Shellie Anderson is decadent. The solid section has a subtle texture which is delectable. It designed for and knit with Shibui’s Cima lace weight yarn. Cima is an alpaca-merino blend. I will, however, be knitting it [eventually] with sometimes in my stash more than likely. I’m trying to be better about only buying yarn for purpose.

Knitting care package

These heavy stone beads are so fun. Preppy pink and green at first glance, but upon closer inspection you see they are turtles and skulls. As edgy and morbid as skulls can be, these are hot pink and smiling, so definitely on the fun side of things. Well, as fun as skulls can be. I am not sure what I’ll make with them, but definitely some stitch markers with a few.

Knitting care package

Because a girl can never be too organized, this Della Q Knitting Needle Case is a spiced pomegranate iridescent raw silk fabric with lovely details and nooks. I was most thrilled to get a chance to try a Della Q case because my mom bought me one several years ago which was a very large impractical size and it had some issues. I knew it must just be that design so trying one that is better suited to my needs is a treat.

Knitting care package

One word… Hexipuffs.

Can hardly wait to get these on needles.

Into each life, a little cashmere to knit. I ordered these and Marseille generously offered to ship them to me. Which is like the nicest thing you can do for an expat. It’s up there with Girl Scout Cookies.

This skein of @KnitPicks Palette is from my friend Marseille. It is like sunshine! Warm woolly sunshine!

Spring colors are what I'm craving right now. Maybe it's the grey skies? Hurrah for @knitpicks

These felt! And I’ve been wanting to make knitted felted food for LB to play with, so I’m delighted with these.

It’s funny how any one of these items on its own would delight me then this big package of joy lands on my doorstep! Oh, there was also Tobias and his Big Red Satchel, a children’s book for LB. And an audiobook for me. But I won’t say what because I’ll save that for a whole post about books!

Oh, and just so you know Marseille is appreciated by me, I sent her this care package last month. I made the stitch markers myself. The jewellery roll doubles as any storage holder that rolls and ties closed. Since she is a doll aficionado and collector, the design was perfect for her.

Today's blog post that I'm working on it about knitting care packages with my friend Marseille. It really is the thought that counts!

So, what is your favourite part of the awesome care package from Marseille? As much as I’m crazy about everything, I think the one that makes me just giddy is the ice cream sandwich pouch.

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  1. Lise says:

    Hi Evin, I just wanted to say that your post has inspired me to send a care package to a friend whose husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is not a knitter, so it will not be knitting related, but I had rather forgotten about the concept of a care package. I think it is an American thing, and I have lived in the UK for a long time now! So thanks for the idea!

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