Dark Chocolate Painted Pretzel Twigs

Salty and sweet can be such a lovely flavour combination, so I thought I’d try to make my own chocolate-drizzled pretzels. And since they make such a fun gift, I am sharing the recipe here with step-by-step photos. You may remember these from my Knitmas gift to Carol.


Hand-painted Chocolate-covered Pretzel Twigs

2 handfuls Pretzel sticks/twigs
1 dark chocolate bar (or milk or white chocolate, your preference)
Silicon brush
Plastic wrap over cooling rack

1. Over a pot filled with boiling hot water (removed from heat), place a heat-safe dish. I like using an enamelware pie dish. Once melted, use a silicon brush to paint the chocolate on the pretzel twigs, one-by-one.

Handmade chocolate covered pretzels

2. Repeat this for all pretzels, and set each painted pretzel on a plastic wrap covered cooling tray.

Handmade chocolate covered pretzels

Handmade chocolate covered pretzels

3. Leave the pretzels to cool overnight in a dry, cool area away from falling dust.

Handmade chocolate covered pretzels

4. Package in an air-tight container for storage and gifting to keep the uncoated section of the pretzel from becoming stale or soft. Give or enjoy!


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