The Comfort of Handknit Socks

I love fun socks and this makes sock knitting ideally suited for me. Yet, I don’t knit socks yet. Maybe it is just because I’ve been focusing my knitting on baby gifts for so long, but for whatever reason socks have never been on my needles. But has always been in the back of my mind as a wishful thing to do.


Then my friend Marseille sent me two pairs of socks she made on her sock knitting machine. Not exactly knit by hand, but certainly not store-bought. Sock machines don’t work like bread baking machines. You don’t just toss the yarn in and out comes a warm pair of socks in the morning, it takes tweaking, settings, and calibration. My attitude changed and the intimidation fell away. If a machine can knit socks, maybe I can to.


Once I realized I wanted to knit socks, I went hunting for beautiful free sock patterns. Here is a partial list I compiled.

by Susan B. Anderson
by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
by tincanknits
by Rohn Strong

Hermione’s Everyday Socks
by Erica Lueder

by Anja Freihube
by handepande
by Jennifer Beever
by Laura Linneman
by Glenna C.
by Tanis Lavallee
by Dona Knits
by Bettina Kreienbaum
by Veronica Lacaille (VeeKnits)
And for tiny feet…
by Sandra Jäger
by Judy Kaethler
by Purl Soho


Now, to decide which to knit as my first pair of socks. Have you knit socks? What challenges and pitfalls should I watch out for? Do you have a go-to pattern that I should consider?

Oh, and you may recognise the green socks as being knit from my Knitmas 2013 yarn.

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