Garter Stitch Kool-Aid Scarf

Today is my Mother’s birthday. So to celebrate, I’m sharing more about a scarf I knit her with yarn I dyed using Kool-Aid. My hope is that you have some cake and tea handy to enjoy while reading this. And maybe hum a little to wish Julia a happy birthday.

Years ago, I got together with my Kool-Aid dyeing buddy Stew to create our own custom colorways of yarn for fun. You can read about it HERE. In the first batch we ever made was a muted create base Aran weight which I made two shades of raspberry and lilac to stripe together for a garter stitch scarf.

Berry Nice Wool

But I wanted more depth to the colors so I paired the hand-dyed Aran weight with a store-bought sock weight yarn. I did this after dyeing, but before winding it into a cake. That way the sock yarn was with it as one, though I did wind the lilac into a cake first because it was untidy.

This is the lilac yarn I dyed.
Lavender Hand-Dyed Wool

And here is the berry hue paired with the sock yarn.
Berry Delicious

The sock yarn winner was Zitron Trekking sock yarn. This is what the yarn looked like before I knitted it up. I dyed a second hank, paired it with the same sock yarn, and knitted the two lots in stripes for a subtle color variation.

Berry Nice Wool

And the final scarf…. *drumroll*
Julie's Christmas Gift 2009


It is very woolly and warm. I later bought my mom a coat to match it!


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