Beet-dyed Pasta with Grilled Brussels Sprouts

We’ve established my love of crafting and creativity, but I also adore Brussels sprouts and beetroot (aka beets), so it should come as no surprise that I wanted to try them together. One day, I decided to make a pink and green dish of deliciousness by soaking fresh pasta in beetroot juice overnight then cooking it and serving it up with grilled halved Brussels sprouts. The result? You be the judge.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Beet Juice Dyed Pasta


The taste of the beets was so subtle it was barely present, but it is stunning on the plate.




Beetroot-dyed pasta with grilled Brussels sprouts

I’m saving this one for when my son gets bored with plain pasta and we need to surprise him with an extra splash of color at the dinner table.

Beetroot-dyed pasta with grilled Brussels sprouts

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