Brussels Sprouts with Dill Butter

For Christmas dinner, my friend Sue made her usual Brussels sprouts and I remembered why it’s my favourite vegetable. So, I wanted to share a link to the recipe she uses and post a few photos I took on Christmas Day 2014 of Sue’s sprouts.


The recipe Sue uses is Martha Stewart’s Brussels Sprouts with Dill Butter.


Of course, I also love making Dijon Brussels sprouts (Stephanie O’Dea’s Crockpot Recipe). And I’ve been known to grill them up with whatever is handy (like Couscous or beetroot juice & fresh pasta).

Christmas has left me with an unquenchable desire to eat Brussels sprouts. These are grilled and tossed with beetroot-dyed pasta. I bought fresh pasta and soaked it in beet juice overnight then cooked it for this result. Choux de Bruxelles DSC_0102
Quick Bite Brussels sprouts at #Christmas dinner. Spuds & Sprouts

How do you like your sprouts?

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