Chilled Beetroot Soup

It was July in Cork City and a typically mild day. My belly was just starting to get bigger as I reached the third trimester of my pregnancy. I was craving some weird foods. My stomach was repulsed by normal things like bread, butter, beef, eggs, chocolate, and cheese. What is a foodie to do? Go on a Gourmet Trail, of course! What better way to revitalize my appetite than to enjoy a taster menu at several of Cork City’s finest restaurants. You remember, I wrote about it and shared all my tasty photographs and descriptions. The highlight of that day was definitely Greenes Restaurant‘s Chilled Beetroot Soup. I tasted it, I finished it, I sent my husband back for more. I had three or four servings that day then I Tweeted about it tirelessly until Chef Fred generously shared the recipe online. I adapted his recipe and came up with…

Chilled Beetroot Soup

1 kg of cooked beetroot (two vinegar-free vac-packs from Tesco)
1 ltr Glenisk plain Greek yoghurt
5 tbl mayonnaise
Handful of minced fresh parsley
Salt & Pepper
Chopped fresh chives (for garnish)

1. Mix all ingredients except chives together in food processor.
2. Chill for at least two hours (all day or overnight works).
3. Serve chilled, garnished with fresh chives. Goes great alongside fresh bread or grilled seafood.



    • Thomas says:

      I cook from scratch most of the time but do have occasional cheats with jars or packets of sauce. I am always amazed at people who don’t/can’t cook it must cost them a fortune. My eldest is just starting to cook our main meal on a Saturday only basic things like lasagne’s or casseroles or chops with salad. At the moment she uses ready made sauces but once her confidence builds I will get her making things from scratch. She’s only 11 but turning out to be a good little cook. My youngest is 9 but she has a real love of cooking, although it is mainly restricted to baking at the moment. Or potions she can spend hours making potions out of food colouring, water and herbs!!!

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