Crofter Loganberry Fair Isle Effect Hat

This post is about a very fun and easy hat I knit a few years ago but never got around to blogging about. In 2010, I knitted up a bit of chunky yarn to create my Faux Fair Isle Sock Hat.

Wanting a cosy winter hat with a splash of color, I looked for a chunky yarn that made me happy to look at. Of course, my allergy to wool made it imperative that it have less than 10% wool content in the yarn. Having heard good things about Sirdar Crofter and enjoyed making a baby beanie hat with the DK, I made my choice. Cork Wools and Crafty Alley both carried this yarn at the time of my purchase.

Chunky Loganberry, Sirdar Crofter

I started this hat at the top and based the increases on a sock toe pattern.

Loganberry Hat

This was made in 2010 before I tried Erika Knight’s Baby Beanie pattern. It was a relatively quick knit and the vibrant colors and variations in the yarn made it all the more interesting. Of course, having a hat that had a slight appearance of colorwork without all the effort was an added bonus.


This was my second attempt at knitting a hat and by far my more successful one. Coincidentally, I did not follow any pattern whatsoever with my first attempt, my Mint Chocolate Hat.


The Loganberry Crofter hat is cosy even though it does look like it would suit a Conehead. I’d blame the sock-based increases, but it actually doesn’t bother me enough to rip back and change it. I ended up taking the tail of yarn at the hat’s top and pulling a tuck of the top in for a flatter appearance. Overall, I was thrilled with how the Crofter knitted up as a pre-patterned yarn as well as texturally. I have wool allergies and the minimal wool in this yarn doesn’t bother me. Which probably means I will be knitting a lot more things for myself with it.

Check Out My New Hat

The key for me is to use it in small doses since the pattern and colors of Loganberry in particular are bright. Again, they sell this yarn at Vibes & Scribes and Cork Wools in Cork City Centre.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Loving the reflection of the cityscape in the background Evin!
    This looks perfect for a baby hat I am musing over making for an expectant friend. I picked up one 50g ball of this fair-isle effect, which incidentally I love for being so effortless, in munroe (quite neutral tones). No pastels for this baby!

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