Handknit Baby Beanie from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits for Cherished Babies

After knitting a few baby blankets (including my own designs, such as Stripey Cozy Baby Blanket or Miller & June Baby Blanket) and sewing a few baby gifts, I’ve come to appreciate the classic simplicity of a hand-knit baby beanie. With my current book focused on gender neutral knits for babies and children, I am making many tiny things this year. But it is refreshing and very relaxing to knit a pattern I did not write or am not working on. That is when I turn to trusted and favorite designers for a palette cleanser.

The pattern shown below is from Erika Knight’s book, Simple Knits for Cherished Babies (Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk). I used Sirdar Crofter DK Yarn 57 Granary. It took barely any yarn at all – 30% of the skein (55 yards/50.5 meters). The entire project knit up quickly! This pattern is simple and knit flat with a seam. I prefer in the round usually, but since this was a break from my designs and test knits, I was game for anything. I did not love the rolled edge, but it made it easy to start. Overall, a good pattern and reliable project from Erika Knight’s Simple Knits for Cherished Babies if you want to hand knit a baby beanie.

Fair Isle Newborn Hat at Kylemore Abbey

It is a practical gift and I am excited to share it with a special baby (not mine, that was SO last year). After all, few babies are born with a warm head of hair so it’s the little hats that keep them warm in those first weeks – and even months. Winter babies especially need hats because indoor or out, they don’t have much insulation from the cold, so get knitting your own for upcoming arrivals of your friends, or make a preemie-sized one to donate to the local NICU ward.

Project Summary:

Yarn: Sirdar Crofter DK
Colour: Granary 57
Balls: 1/2 skein (55 yards used)
Needles: 4.5mm and 4.0mm straight needles as per pattern, plus needle to seam up back of hat.
Blocking: Light blocking on a small balloon that was covered with a floursack dishtowel.

What is your go-to baby gift to knit or make?

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  1. Bonny says:

    Hello from the Calgary airport! We’re enroute to Italy to spend the Holidays with our family. At the moment we are waiting for our connection to Frankfurt.

    Your baby beanie is absolutely adorable! I think it would be easy to scale up this pattern to fit an adult. Find out your gauge (stitches/inch), then measure around your head – or the recipient’s head- multiply those inches with your gauge, et voilà! I usually figure in some negative ease so the hat isn’t too loose. Usually a half inch to a full inch smaller, depending how snug you want the fit at the ribbing or edge.

    Happy Holidays!


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