Doubling Up DK with a Mint Chocolate Hat

Looking back at some of my most satisfying and long-lasting knitting projects happens often. Mostly because the ones that last are now being handed down to my son to keep him warm or cosy. Like today when we tucked him into a hat I affectionately named Mint Chocolate Hat for him to go out for a bike ride.

The hat itself is darling, soft, cozy, lopsided, and a sign that back when I made it, I needed more practice with decreases.

Doubled Up Chocolate Mint


Made using acrylic DK in brown and grey/sage for variation in colors and added thickness and warmth. I knitted it on 6mm circulars then finished the top with 2.5mm double-point needles.

This is what it looked like after I finished at the stem-like top (I knitted brim up)…

After realizing it wouldn’t stay on easily without some ribbing, I picked up the stitches around the bottom brim and knitted ribbing. The bottom ribbing was knit with doubled-up brown acrylic only (not paired with the sage yarn). This gives a nice contrast to the rest of the hat. The ribbing was [K2, P2].
Mint Chocolate Hat
It looks A LOT better now, doesn’t it?

Me in the Mint Chocolate Hat 2

Just a Few More Rows

Me in the Mint Chocolate Hat 1

I knitted several rows of ribbing until it would fit. Knitting top down does offer a nice advantage of trying it on easily. Finally, it fit. Yay! I kept it for myself until recently when my son’s head started to become more suitable for it and then I passed it along to him.

Close-up Mint Chocolate Hand-knit Hat

Where Mint Chocolate Meets Chocolate Fudge


The final hat…


Whole Hat View

I’ll admit that in spite of its shape issues, using the two colors of DK together really comes across as a durable, long-wearing, warm, and custom piece.┬áDid you know I’m working on perfecting this pattern so it can be included in my next book?

What two colors would you use to make your version of this hat?


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