Woolly and Wonderful Hand-dyers in Ireland & Northern Ireland

There are so many talented and original hand-dyers in the world at the moment, but I’ve got to say we’re spoiled rotten here in Ireland. I recently lunched with Sandra Murphy (who isn’t an avid knitter) and leading up to the inaugural Cork Craft Show, she was curious about the yarn options on the Emerald Isle. I’ll tell you, she was amazed at the number of hand-dyers here and that inspired me to compile a list to share on the blog.

I am including dyers from Northern Ireland because it is still the same island and this is about region, not politics or boundaries (I’m in Brexit denial). This includes the dyer and wool origin, which varies and is as diverse as the colorways and textures we love and appreciate as crafters. If you want to stay informed on Irish dyers, check out Irish Dye Junkies’s on FB.

Also, as to not break up the list, I’ve added a Google map with all those listed plus a few photos at the end of this list. This is not any act of preference, it is just that I had those yarns handy to photograph for this post.

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Woolly and Wonderful Hand-dyers in Ireland & Northern Ireland | EvinOK

Hand-dyers in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Appleoak Fibre Works (Munster)

Babbles Yarns (Munster)

Bear In Sheep’s Clothing (NI)

Comeragh Yarns (Munster)

Coolree Yarns (Leinster) – Closed down

Corcra (Connaught)

Dharma Dyeworks (Leinster)

Dublin Dye Company (Leinster)

Dye Candy (NI)

Ellie And Ada (Leinster)

Eve Chambers Textiles formerly Eve and Apple (Munster)

EweMomma (NI)

Fine Fish Yarns

The Fibre Kitchen (formerly of Leinster, now in Berlin, Germany)

Giddy Aunt Yarns (NI)

Green Elephant Yarn (Munster)

Irish Fairytale Yarns (formerly of Munster, now in Reutlingen, Germany)

Life In The Long Grass (Munster)

Lindsay Crafts (Leinster)

Little Stone Cottage UK (NI)

Loop Head Alpacas (Munster)

Markree Wool Craft (Connaught)

The Moon and Sixpence (Munster)

Mourne Alpaca (Ulster)

My Butterfly Green (Ulster)

Olann (Ulster)

Pretty Funky Fibre (Leinster)

Rebecca’s Wool (Connaught)

S Twist Yarn Studio (Leinster & …)

A Secret Stash (NI)

Sionnach Yarns (Munster)

Star and Crescent Yarns (Leinster)

Strand Designs (Leinster) – Closed down

Townhouse Yarns (Leinster)

Woolly Adventures NI (NI)

Woolly Mammoth Fibre Company (NI)

Yurwool (Munster)

Other Yarn Sources in Ireland …

Carol Feller’s Nua (Munster)

Zwartbles Ireland and Cushendale Woollen Mills (Leinster)

Studio Donegal (Ulster)

Tivoli Spinners (Munster) – commercial yarn

Noteable Non-woolly Suppliers…

Emerald Fibres project bags

Johnny Shiels spinning wheels

Sweensie Crafts Project Bags


I’ll do another post in a week or two about FibreShare and how I curated a ‘Taste of My Island’ package, so having this list separate will make it easier to refer to in the future. What taste of Ireland would you say is a MUST in any care package?


A Few Photos

Here are some woolly photos to admire, covet, and lust after. These are yarns I had taken photos of already, no one was excluded for any reason but convenience.


Bear In Sheep’s Clothing

Bear In Sheep’s Clothing has a variety of bases with rich texture and stitch definition and colourways ranging from moody and saturated, bright neon realness to subtle speckled whispers, and everything in between! Bernie is passionate about luxury fibres sourced as locally and ethically as possible. At the moment, that means British wool, spun in Britain. She dyes them in Belfast with love and care, taking the health of the planet into consideration with every step. I also wrote about her related to Tits Out Collective and her 2018 Advent Calendar fade.

Bear In Sheep’s Clothing ‘Bear Sock’ profiled on EvinOK.com

Dublin Dye

Dublin Dye Company started in 2007 in Blackrock, Dublin above This is Knit. When TIK moved to Powerscourt, Dublin Dye moved too. It’s currently run by Yvonne out of her home in South Dublin. She loves dyeing yarn and seeing what projects people make from yarns she has dyed.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016 snapshots


Eve Chambers Textiles

On the edge of West Cork on the epic Mizen Peninsula, Eve Chambers Textiles formerly Eve and Apple is nestled among green gardens and free-range living. Natural fibres plus lush colours equals Eve Chambers Textiles luxury yarns. She works to create yarns that can be crafted into heirlooms.

EvinOK.com knitting adventures and Irish yarn

Green Elephant

Green Elephant Yarn is ethically sourced and mulesing-free. It is hand-dyed in Ireland using (non-toxic/safe) acid dyes with acetic acid and heat to set them. The superwash merino and nylon blend is popular for sock knitting.

Green elephant sock yarn. EvinOK.com is the 2014 and 2017 best arts & Crafts blog in Ireland

Irish Fairytale Yarns

Irish Fairytale Yarns offers hand-dyed yarn directly from Cork, Ireland. Inspired by the rough seas, rich meadows, vibrant Irish mentality, and enticing Celtic mythology, she creates fairytale-like colors and color combinations. Their colors are unique, but always reorderable.




Carol Feller’s Nua, a sports weight yarn, is 60% Merino Wool, 20% Yak, 20% Linen. Each of these fibres contributes something special to create an amazing yarn blend. Nua is non-superwash, which creates a lighter yarn with a bit more bounce, making blocking easier, and keeping shape nicely. Sold in 140 metres per 50g skeins.

Carol Feller's yarn line Nua



Note: The garter stitch map of Ireland is a photo I took of a BSJ knit by Sue for LB, then I adjusted the colors in Photoshop and put a basic map of this island over it, deleted the surrounding water/sweater, leaving only the knitting that was under the island. Then took a photo I snapped of rippled water from ages ago, enlarged it and used an artistic effect then duplicated and flipped it horizontally, deleted the white from the duplicate, adjusted the colors to be more green, and made that the background.  Thank you to Sue for knitting the original sweater!


  1. Georsan says:

    Love the list! Bookmarking it for reference. Do you know if anyone does woolen spun yarns? I’m on the hunt for some locally but only finding worsted spun

  2. Valerie Leonard says:

    Hi, can you add me to the list. We have alpacas and spin (or sell) their fibre and also offer some homespun and home naturally dyed fibre and yarn. We will also be offferring alpaca visits and spinning weaving experience. Loop Head Alpacas, West Clare.
    Thank you!

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