Previously Loved Finds: Catching Up

The past few months have been successful ones for thrift shopping in Cork. I realised I hadn’t posted a Previously Loved Finds update in too long so this is sort of a catch-all with photos. I can’t remember all the details, but you know me well enough to realise I am frugal and don’t spend much on clothing.

These two blue square Achill Pottery dishes were just €0.95 each.
The two dishes. #thrifting success for $1.90

This barn which was in good condition with the arm animal noise buttons still functional (and battery included) was about €4.
The cars are a bit #outofplace in the barn, but sure he's happy out so who am I to judge.

This dress was between €7–9 since that’s my usual acceptable high range for clothing.
Today's #outfit is meant for sitting on the sofa with tea, but first must run out for milk.

A preppy pink Lands End seersucker skirt was so out of place but suits me nicely.
Hosting a little beat-the-heat tea party today and sporting my pink @LandsEnd seersucker skirt and lace summer blouse. Love these together.

Fun silky retro print blouse and Ralph Lauren gold herringbone skirt. €20 for both.
Something about #gold #herringbone makes a classic #skirt feel extra special. #RalphLauren #thrifting

I paid €9 for this. It fit when I bought it. I’m working on getting back to fitting in it again.
Another one to admire and hope for an excuse to wear. I may have a problem. #dresshoarder

Retro Gap sundress was €7
I'm dressed for #summer in my #gap sundress and Laura Ashley cardigan. #outfit

Sleeveless Benetton Cardigan. Very soft and flowy.
Wrap cardigan vest. So soft. #thrifting

Zara Basic genuine leather jacket (€8.50) and Lacoste striped wool pullover (€7)
Shopping finds included a #Zara leather jacket and a #Lacoste striped pullover #thrifting

There were also two simple dresses for €8 each and several children’s books that LB has absorbed into his library. One was a second printing hardcover Curious George Flies a Kite with intact dust jacket for €1.

What have you given a second life lately?

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