What I’m Knitting and Yarn I’m Loving Lately

The hardest part about working on a new book is that I cannot share photos and details on my current knitting projects. You may have noticed the lack of knitting in my Instagram feed lately and it saddens me to not be able to share sneak peeks with you yet. But soon! So, I wanted to write a post about the knitting and yarn (baby hats and Walk Collection & Nua by Carol Feller) that have kept me busy lately.


What I’m Knitting

My friend R is expecting, so I have been busy with a couple baby hats for her. But she reads this blog, so I am scheduling this post to go live after I give her the hats. I also have been sewing more than usual because of a closet clearout that inspired me to get rid of clothes or update them to be wearable/useful. Most went out the door, but a few made the cut to be refashioned.

This hat is being knit with Debbie Bliss Rialto. Love the way to stripes.

What I am knitting | EvinOk.com

What I am knitting | EvinOk.com

I also am knitting a tiny baby hat just in case R’s baby arrives early. It is doubled up Drops Merino and Silk-Merino Manos.

What I am knitting | EvinOk.com


Yarn I’m Loving

Since I first squished Walk Collection‘s DK at Edinburgh Yarn Festival, I was in love. The soft yet sturdy feel of the base and the vibrant distinctive hues. Each evokes a sense of place or a memory, which connects the knitter to the yarn in a personal way. The one on the far left reminds me of a meadow with heather, thistle, evergreens, and nettle. The pink gives me warm thoughts of my grandma’s azaleas. The two on the right are like sand, pebbles, and seaglass in jars on my windowsill. Yes, I am a seaside souvenir hoarder.



Not a surprise, one of my other loves that stemmed from Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year is Nua by Carol Feller. Finally, after years of admiring her designs, now we can knit with her yarn line! I cannot begin to convey the softness and loft of Nua. It seems fitting though because “nuage” means “cloud” in French. And the colors are rich with character.

Carol Feller's yarn line Nua

Carol Feller's yarn line Nua

Carol Feller's yarn line Nua


What’s Next?

Next, I finish the Bake Knit Sew 2 projects. I am over halfway done with the creating elements of the book, then comes the book part of it.


What knitting and yarn are occupying your time and thoughts lately?

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