Brilliant Things for Robot Birthday Gifts

We’re back with more craft and recipe posts next week. But this week,  thought I’d break up all the making and doing and baking with a bit of shopping!

My son turns four soon-ish and I like to plan ahead. Usually, I make his gifts, like the play kitchen we built for our home, the play kitchen we updated at my parents’ house, and the dollhouse turned firehouse, but sometimes buying makes sense too. He is at a crossroads of loving dinosaurs, robots, baking, and vehicles right now. He came that way. LB is obsessed with robots for months now! Loves them. Built a couple out of paper and wind-up toy parts even. He also loves building…anything. He often will go in the other room and take random pieces of cardboard or my photography prop boards to build a complex maze or track for his cars. We bought him a race track and a garage, but he prefers to build his own. He likes to build things and put things in containers.

For Halloween, he requested that he dress as a dinosaur. He forgot he was a dinosaur last year, so I just got that costume back out and it still fits so that’s sorted! For his birthday party, I asked him what he wants and he explained he wants dinosaurs, dragons, and robots and sprinkles. Right, so that will be an interesting cake. But it all comes down to the presents because the wrong present is hated, the mediocre present is played with for a day or two then forgotten, but the best present becomes a favourite and can be played with alongside his existing toys. One such present that has been a huge success was one my husband bought for him which he adores, so I tried to find something similar and that inspired a few of these ideas. Since he rarely plays with his dinosaur toys, but gravitates towards his robot and building toys, I am focusing on robot toys for this birthday. Here are ideas for robot birthday gifts. If you like robots and want a craft post, THIS is the one for you.

Robot Fidget Toy

Robot X-7-bending Shaping Rotate Wooden Toy

Boy and Bot

Matryoshka Madness Micro-Robot Matryoshka

Matryoshka Madness Robot

Tobar Wooden Stacking Robots Game

TINKERTOY Essentials Value Building Set (65 Pieces)

Tobar Wooden Transformbot

RC Remote Controlled Robot, Toy Robot- Shoots Frisbees, Dances, Talks, Walks, with Sounds and Lights

Hatley Boys Robots Pyjama Set, Red, 4 Years

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Beginner’s Building Set

If anyone out there also has a little engineer man, maybe you can comment with your suggestions or advice?

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  1. Biz says:

    You nailed it! The wrong present is hated by the preschool set, it is as though as their mom you should have known that DocMcStuffins is so yesterday and now only fire engines will do!

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