Heart Knitting & Crochet Projects for Your Valentine

I was about four years old and I woke up to discover my bedroom had been wallpapered in pink paper with cream hearts. Hundreds of cream hearts. I screamed for my parents that something horrible had happened. They laughed. When I fell asleep, my mother moved me to my parents’ bed and spent all night wallpapering my bedroom, then she moved me back in the morning. She did this two other times in my childhood with my future two childhood bedrooms, each time with a different heart wallpaper. We learn three things from this little story:

1) My mother is crazy.
2) I love hearts.
3) I’m loved.

I’ve collected a few [free] fun and lovable heart craft projects here for you so we can all have a little more love in our day.

Knitted Heart by Julie & The Knits


Over the years, there would be other special gifts of hearts and valentines. I would have a special heart paper-wrapped shoebox each year with a slot for my classmates’ Valentine’s to be inserted. My favourite was actually two shades of violet because the hearts were slightly iridescent. Eventually, those childhood gifts gave way to embroidered pillows or pencils and notebooks, but the sentiment remained – love.

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  1. Lise says:

    You obviously have the most lovely parents! What a beautiful way of showing your child she is loved.

    And thanks for all the great knitting patterns! I am just starting a test knit, otherwise I could be casting on. The only question is which one? I particularly like the fingerless gloves, the Norwgian hat, the heart shawl and the socks with the hearts on the heels. Oh, to have more knitting time….

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