Send a Valentine to St. Louis Children’s Hospital

I’m a long-time fan of the artist Mary Englebreit who posted on her Facebook page yesterday the idea that her fans send cards to her without a name specified and she’ll deliver them to St. Louis Children’s Hospital so the kids hospitalised have a special note of thoughtfulness. Did that make sense? Wait, she explained it better…

Click on this image to see Mary Englebreit’s original Facebook post.


What to do?

  • Send a happy Valentine card (or postcard) to:
    4814 Washington Blvd.
    Suite 230
    St. Louis, MO 631081833
    United States
  • Address it generally and sweetly so it can be given to any child in the paediatric ward.
  • Only send a card. No extras like confetti, candy, treats, or toys. The thought truly is what counts.
  • Be appropriate, positive, responsible, and respectful (i.e., not too personal). Which, I’ve found, is a good standard of behaviour for dealing with any child that is not your own.

Look! I already made a Valentine and sent it off all the way from Ireland. And so can you! I’m not from St. Louis (it’s a couple states over from where I grew up though), but this is brilliant.


Let’s make smiles this Valentine’s Day!

I’m categorising this post under “Win | Giveaway” because we do the giving away of cards and the children at St. Louis Children’s Hospital win. 

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