Easy as Pumpkin Pie and Pretty as Plum Cake

My wonderful and dear friend Jeni is hosting today’s post for my Bake Knit Sew blog tour over at Jen’s Kitchen. You may remember Jeni from her guest post here in April 2013 (when I was having my big liver surgery). She says lovely things and gives me too much credit for recipes and ideas when SHE is the food genius. But judge for yourself and have a browse of some of her other posts while you’re reading today’s blog tour post.

This only day three on the 14-day blog tour, so settle in for a little post each day about the host du jour. Also, I’ll pop including a few of my usual posts interspersed because readers cannot live on blog tour alone.

Oh, and as a switch, today, I am including a photograph of Jeni’s Plum Cake recipe that I had the honour of styling and photographing for the Goodall’s A Modern Irish Cookbook (Lettertec, 2012).

Jeni Pim's Plum Cake

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