Pinterest is My To Do List

My To Do list is long and never-ending. When something is crossed off, another is soon added. It’s how I like it. I love my projects. Though they do pile up a bit. Here is a list of those I want to do in the next month. Do you follow me on Pinterest?

Paint a Plastic Doll House for my son. Tutorials from and

Sew a Skirt from Fashion Diva Design 15 DIY Skirts Ideas For Crazy Summer or or or or or a dress or

Lengthen three of my dresses like this: or or or

Paint the living room blackout or or or

Have fun with chalkboard paint

Swoop bag and bucket too or

Cook this! and this

Make things like this for LB and and

Make this for myself and this and this and this and this

Spice up my footwear

Try this to dye yarn (I’ve done something similar before)

What’s on YOUR Pinterest To Do list?

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