Resolutions for 2014

Let’s face it, 2013 is an easy one to improve upon. I lost someone very dear to me which made the world feel empty. I had major surgery, had serious complications afterward, missed a month of time with my family, and lost 17 pounds. The recovery took so much energy and determination, that when I felt better I had energy to spare and went on vacation to redecorate two rooms in my parents’ house. It was a crazy year. So, I already know that 2014 will include fewer hospital stays! Call it intuition. So, here are my goals for 2014:

• Exercise four days a week, 45-90 minutes per day. Go on a brisk 15-minute walk the other three days. This is just as much for LB as for me.
•Listen to audio books during the day like I did when LB was in his first year. I really enjoyed that.
•Volunteer more. But how I choose, not just getting stuck doing things I don’t feel I can say no to.
•Take an online course.

• Write and publish my first book


Happy New Year!


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