Knit, Bake, Sew: A Book for All Seasons

I am working on a book with one knitting or sewing project and one corresponding baking recipe for each month of the year and you can help make sure it gets published by looking at my video on Kickstarter, sharing it, and/or backing it.

The Project

With years of my favorite recipes and craft tutorials saved up, the time is now to create a book that includes baking, knitting and sewing! Twelve recipes, each partnered with a knitting or sewing pattern to go with the season. One project and corresponding tasty treat each month of the year. You don’t need to be a culinary genius (or even know what culinary means!) to enjoy my recipes, and if you’ve ever used a needle and thread or pair of knitting needles, you’ll love the classic, yet creative, patterns I’ve designed for the series. This addresses a major gap in the market. There are only TWO books including these three elements on

Project Timeline

June to September 2013: Patterns and recipes sketched out and narrowed down.
October to December 2013: Patterns and recipes shared with team of volunteer testers on two continents.
January to March 2014: Final recipes sent to editor. Final patterns send to editor. Book layout created by me in InDesign CS5. Plans for photoshoots coordinated with models, stylist and makeup/hair artist.
April to May 2014: Photoshoots. Layout of text completed.
June 2014: Final photo, text and layout adjustments, as needed.
July 2014: Book to printer and e-book conversion.
August 2014: Blog tour and book tour schedule determined.
September 2014: Launch event, pre-release copies available exclusively to backers.
October to November 2014: Book release!
January to December 2015: Promote book with monthly “who made it” round-up on my blog.

My Skills

I have a background in publications design, communications, design, art, and food styling. In 2012, I handled the layout for Goodall’s A Modern Irish Cookbook, a 50-recipe 108-page recipe book. I also styled/photographed 12 of the recipes. Two were my own creations. My blog, EvinOK, was chosen as one of the top six craft blogs of 2013 in Ireland.

At just seven years of age, I knew my favorite toy was my grandfather’s Underwood manual typewriter. I would clank away on it at all hours of the day and night writing short stories, recipe books, and special “snow day” magazines for my neighbors. As I grew older, I phased in newspapers, blogs and real magazines to share my words with a larger audience, but throughout it all the goal of writing, designing and publishing a book was always in my heart and never far from my thoughts.

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