My Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday. I have many wishes. Safety and encouragement for those without a loving family. Warmth and nourishment for those without a home. Joy and light for those in a dark place. Compassion and empathy for those with critical or harsh intentions.

You may see my not-so-regular monthly wish lists and think I just like material goods, but not nearly as much as I love the simple joys like a slice of birthday cake with a candle, spending time with people I love, and seeing the little blessings life has to offer.

I hope you all have a holiday season filled with these moments for yourself and your loved ones.

Eight candles on the birthday cake

This is a photo of myself and my son, LB, on my birthday last year when we went to the Christmas lunch with my Nonfiction Writers Group.

Everyone else's view at lunch today on my birthday with @weeog and @corknfwriters. #irelandatlunch

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