Brunch Bliss

LB woke this morning and was all go. He walked into our room chatting, as if to say, “Come on now, what are you doing in bed when you have sunshine outside waiting for us?” So, we got dressed and ventured out to brunch. Last night, we enjoyed a special menu at Fenn’s Quay using American recipes with Irish ingredients and I was still dreaming about the Maryland-style crab cakes made with Castletownbere crab (caught like this). Lucky for me, the chefs at Fenn’s Quay respond well to begging so I was fortunate to have crab cakes with my eggs Florentine.


Wait, I think we need to take a closer look at the crab cakes. As a Maryland girl, I’m all about crab cakes. Seriously, I’d order fresh proper (90% crab, 10% other ingredients) crab cakes over chocolate any day of the week.


Castletownbere Crab actually is more similar to Maryland Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus meaning “beautiful swimmer savory”) than Dungeness or Snow Crab would be so the crab cakes here or even crab salad has a softer texture and almost sweet crispness of flavor. Yes, I’m in love and just rambling on about it now.

How are you starting off your weekend? Do you love Brunch, I have a list of places in Cork!

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