Silver Dollar Pancakes

I’m back in the States visiting family right now so this post if brief as will be those over the next three weeks, but I wanted to share my current obsession. Silver Dollar Pancakes! My Dad and I brought LB to a retro diner for breakfast and he got his first taste of one. But if you don’t live near a diner, you can make them at home, like we used to do when we lived in California. This cast aluminum Silver Dollar Pancake Pan helps you make perfect silver dollar pancakes each and every time. Handwash with mild cleanser to keep the pan like new.

Available from ($28.37) and Crate & Barrel ($26.19 + S&H). Pair with pancake mix and a bottle of real maple syrup for the perfect wedding, housewarming or family holiday gift.

Here’s my new favorite method for making pancakes: Simply Recipes Buttermilk Pancake recipe or this recipe from L.V. Anderson. Or you could make pancakes the super easy way… with a mix ( sells a few great ones). There’s no shame in that.

Silver Dollar Pancake Pan

Silver Dollar Pancake Pan


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