Fibre Feis 2012

Community. It’s one of those things you don’t miss until you have a really amazing, supportive one then you reflect on how you didn’t always have that richness. It’s part social life, part therapy – especially for knitters. We spin, crochet, knit, and talk. Talk about everything from fibre choices to breast feeding to the state of the economy. Each year (read about last year’s), this sense of community with my knitting friends comes together in an event known simply as Fibre Feis. Hosted by the lovely and talented Sue, we pitch tents in her garden, share food we’ve each prepared, and exchange stories over a bit of fibre fun. It is simple. We gather, camp out, roast marshmallows when the sun disappears over the horizon, and enjoy life.

Fibre Feis 2012

This year there was even exclusive micro-brewed ale and stout. I’ll admit, the beer was exciting to me because my designs were used for the labels! You know you’ve arrived as a stylist/designer when your work ends up on a beer label. Well, maybe that’s not quite how the idea goes but I was tickled.

Reckless Stout for Ravellenic Games 2012 from Mountain Man Brewing Co. In Renanirree, County Cork

Fiber Feis Ale from Mountain Man Brewing Co. In Renanirree, County Cork

This photo (by Liz) shows the lads (Sue’s and Cathy’s hubbies) minding the beer.

Fibre Feis 2012

All three of us drove out for the weekend, wee LB included. He was a dote. Having attended Fibre Feis 2011 in my belly, it seemed only natural he join us this year. Next year, we’ll have him joining in with a bit of crochet! Ok, perhaps not. But no harm trying. If you ask LB what his favorite part of the weekend was, I think he’d say it was Cathy‘s Wellies. He LOVED their bright colors and happy laces. He kept untying them (then we’d retie them so he could do it again). I was amazed he didn’t try to grab at the whirling spinning wheels but maybe he just knew it wouldn’t feel good.

Fiber Feis had a very small attendee, LB

It was fun to see old chums, Cork knitting buddies, and new friends.
Old chums, including those I met at least year’s Fibre Feis: Cathy (of the cool Wellies), UnderMeOxter, Diane of The DKCAoibhe Ni, SineadR and her hubby John,…
Cork knitting buddies I see often enough to feel lucky: Liz/Voxless, Hilser, AmyCarol Feller and family, Sara of Irish Wools and Smudge YarnsWrapNTurn and her hubby who is behind Mountain Man Brewery,…
New friends are always lovely and I feel fortunate to have met these fab people: Cathy’s hubby G, Woolly Wormhead, Sara Rourke of Sweensie Bags,…
…and a few more fab people who keep their lives offline so no names or links included.

Fibre Feis 2012

Last year, I took many photos but this year only a few so I am grateful to Liz for sharing her photos with me for my blog post. And so grateful to Sue for including me in this beautiful community!

Here are a few photos from last year:

Casual Lap Kitty Cat

Aoibhe's Stunning Crocheted Cashmere Shawl


Subtle Shawl Collar in Pecan Crush Cardigan

Admiring the Yarn and the Stitches

"Did a lap just become available?"

Teal Swirl Shawl by UnderMeOxter

Carol Feller Captiva Wrap 1

Pitching a Tent without Pitching a Fit

Hi There!

"I love the smell of yarn in the morning!"

And this was our first sight of a beautiful crochet project UnderMeOxter was working on…
Love the Colors in This Yarn from France
…that became this beautiful cardigan for LB!
Rainbow of Warmth
Close-up of Toggles

Are you part of a community that encourages, inspires and challenges you?


  1. Jenny says:

    I was so sorry to have missed Fibre Feis again this year. Maybe next year!

    You’re so right about the knitting community, I’ve made so many new friends since I’ve started knitting. it’s a really lovely feeling.

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