Fibre Feis 2011

A few photos from the coolest thing I’ve done in a long time. And you may notice my belly looks a bit…big. Third trimester suits me well.

Knitted by StolenStitches

This is the brilliant designer Aoibhe Ni.

"I love the smell of yarn in the morning!"


Voxless of Reckless Knitting getting her spin on.



And her knitting:

Admiring the Yarn and the Stitches


Our young host:

"Did a lap just become available?"

Cat in the Grass

Hi There!


UnderMeOxter‘s amazing shawl and kiddie jumper, which she let me photograph:

Teal Swirl Shawl by UnderMeOxter

Shawl by UnderMeOxter

Wee Jumper Knitted by UnderMeOxter


Then Carol Feller brought out these boxes with her design samples. We all got to try them on!

Where to start, where to start


Carol and the Ballinagree Child's Pullover

Subtle Shawl Collar in Pecan Crush Cardigan

Maenad Shawl by Carol Feller

Akoya Cardigan in Merino/Silk 4-Ply

Check out those cables!

Carol Feller Captiva Wrap 1

Pecan Crush was a fast favorite and suited everyone’s shapes!

Pecan Crush Cardigan Montage

Here LB (third trimester) and I are trying on the Akoya cardigan (this was about ten weeks before he arrived on the scene).

Third Trimester Cardigan Modeling


This wasn’t just a day thing, it was a sleepover! This is Hilser showing how to pitch a tent without pitching a fit.

Pitching a Tent without Pitching a Fit

Can’t wait for next year!

UPDATE: You can read about Fibre Feis 2012 too!