My Wanna-Do List

My Wanna-Do List

This was originally posted in March 2013 (before my big Liver surgery when I was focusing on things to look forward to after my recovery), but I regularly update it for completions and additions.

• Milk a cow

• Learn to cook a great steak (I’m nearly there after this success)

• Bake my own sourdough bread from scratch (my started died after being accidentally frozen)

• Go out on a sailboat

• Teach my son to knit (I think he’ll be good at it given his love of yarn)

• Write a book (this has been on my list for decades, but I’m nearly there)

• Spend a week at a sandy beach with my family just playing board games and cards, taking long walks, eating ice cream, sweeping sand from our feet, and reading/knitting (like we did in Parede and Carcavelos Portugal last year)

• Make and/or eat pork-free beef Wellington

• Succeed at making a lattice pie crust top

• Finish recovering the crab chairs DONE!

• Visit all 50 states in the US (I’m around 36 or so now)

• Recertify in CPR and first aid

• Get over my hesitancy of riding a bike

• Design a board game and play it

• Write a song

• Knit and sew projects using my existing craft supplies

• Donate my cut hair again (for the third time)

• Introduce my son to Rachel the pig

• Learn to make great quiche and savory tarts

• Go on a vacation to Bermuda

What’s on YOUR Wanna-Do list?
Happy Cow, Pink Bucket

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