My Knit Sew Bake Book: Final Days on Kickstarter

As some of you know, I love to write. All the things you love about this blog will soon be in a book!

I’m honoured to be able to tell you about my upcoming book. Knit Sew Bake (tentative title) will carry readers through the year with a monthly knitting or sewing project and accompanying baking recipe. Seasonally-inspired ingredients, colors and textures will infuse the pages.

I carefully determined a budget that covers the essential costs (self-publishing, editors,…). Every pledged dollar makes a difference and brings me closer to making this dream happen. Once the Kickstarter goal is met the stretch goals kick in. With funds above and beyond $2,610, I will be able to work towards:
– Publishing a second book of gender-neutral childrens’ patterns inspired by the sea
– Doing more to market the books, including a mini tour
– Supplying free copies of the books to local libraries and schools

Thank you for sharing the link to my book with everyone you know, but most importantly I am grateful that you share my enthusiasm for my Knit Sew Bake Book.


I am planning to self-publish this book. This means I can hire the recipe and pattern editors I admire, do the photography just how I want it done, hire real models (not just skinny ones with obedient hair), and retain the rights to also sell the individual patterns here and on Ravelry.


This has always been my dream, but after my liver resection surgery earlier this year I decided not to put it off any longer.

Wrap Around

To tell you more about my book, I created a video. All the photography in the video (and this blog post) was done by me so you can see what skills I have to bring to this project.


I welcome any questions, comments or cheerleading you may want to share.


Book release planned for Autumn 2014 for print and digital.


Again, my Kickstarter Project with my video is HERE.

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Pickles Cucumber Slices and Lemon

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  1. Erin says:

    Had a look, it’s awesome. The photography is bright and vibrant and the projects look manageable but inspiring. Best of luck!!!

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