Deck the Walls with Artwork

With the holidays quickly approaching and guests on their way, here are a few ideas for wall art (one suggestion for every room in a house) based on how I would decorate my theoretical house. Hope this gives you a jumping off point and inspires you to find something exactly right for you and your walls.

Entryway/HallL’Empire des Lumieres by Rene Magritte

Living RoomGolden Crown by L. Diane Johnson

Library – Day Sail by Tom Sachse

Dining Room – Farmstead by Bim Jones

Family Room – The Blues Cafe by Gordon Powles

Kitchen – Ben’s Chilli Bowl by Maggie O’Neill

Bar Area – Margarita Sunset by Diana Madaras

Home Office – Southwold Lighthouse by Gordon Powles

BathroomPainting Print or Pebble Beach Closeup by Evin O’Keeffe (me)

Top of Staircase – Aros Art Museum by Asbjorn Lonvig

Upstairs HallwayWalk in Sabino by Diana Madaras

Master Bedroom – Island Farmhouse, 1969 by Fairfield Porter

Guest Bedroom –  Saint-Tropez House on Beach by Gordon Powles

Child’s Bedroom – Colours of Nyhavn by Lisa Lorenz or
The Boss by Eoin O’Connor

NurseryBanjo Lesson by Henry O. Tanner or
Dr. Hedgehog by Evin O’Keeffe
(me again)

Craft RoomSpinning Wheel by Bim Jones

Of course, this is just my style. I am sincere when I say that when I have an actual house and get to decorate it, THESE PAINTINGS are the ones I want to purchase to admire every day (plus those I already own).

To search for your own favourite pieces, check out these links:

For California scenery, check out Kevin Milligan‘s Coastside Gallery.

For Washington, D.C. artwork, look at Maggie O’Neill‘s paintings.

For an eclectic original paintings (we own three), visit Bim Jones‘s gallery.

To brighten up a space with vibrant colors and in-your-face subjects, you must check out Eoin O’Connor’s paintings and prints. Typical Irish moments and scenes with a splash of extra color.

If you are into Southwest U.S.A., definitely look at the work of Diana Madaras. and, both are related and offer art prints as well as framing. ArtistRising especially is a treasure trove of contemporary artists and lesser known pieces. This is great if you want to express your taste and style, not just what posters are available widely and readily.

If you march to the beat of your own drummer (and Fender), visit

My own photography and prints of my paintings are available too! Here are the links to check out the current options (I’m adding more each month):

ArtistRising Gallery
EvinOK CafePress Shop
EvinOK Etsy Shop

Choose art based on what you like and admire, not what’s famous or popular, to make your house a home. I’ll admit that though I love Monet’s work inspired by Giverny, looking at a print of it reminds me of college dorms and hospital rooms. Very soothing, but too much of a good thing. Of course, seeing an original is different because of the brush strokes, but I won’t get started on that.

What piece of artwork would you want in your home?

Spider Wiggins' Shed by Bim Jones

Spider Wiggins’ Shed   © Bim Jones

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