Doors of County Cork

There is so much brightness and a variety of hues on the doors of County Cork. Having been in love with color from an early age, I am loving the rich colors surrounding my new home. I couldn’t resist taking photos of all the doors that captured my attention.

I’ll admit that on our walk up to Charles Fort in Kinsale, it took a very long time because I kept stopping to take photos. There is one particular block in downtown Cork City Centre in which each door is a different color. It is picturesque. I had heard this was so men coming home late (and a wee bit inebriated) could find their home by the color of the door. Is that the real history? Who knows, but they are beautiful.

I love the doors so much I created a compiled print of my favorites and sell it on CafePress in my very own shop. Check it out:
The printing quality is lovely and crisp (I’ve seen a poster in person). There are many other items in the shop. Lovely uniquely-designed independent artist gifts that still fit in your budget.

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