From Tide to Table: Preparing & Cooking Fresh Caught Fish

In the summers when we first moved to Ireland, my husband would go sea fishing with his friends. He doesn’t eat fish, but I love it so brought me treats. One particular day, he returned with some Whiting, Cod, and Mackerel. I was faced with preparing, cooking, and eating them! Yikes! I’ve never prepared raw fresh whole fish in my life. This is something my mom was great at because they sailed a lot and she was in charge of cooking what they caught, so this is a bit intimidating for me.

But you know what I do when I don’t know something or feel intimidated? I bet you can guess. I research! This post has links to resources and recipes that will help you and the fish get from the tide to the table without losing quality of flavor. I’ll admit, it was exciting to dine on fish caught by my very own handsome and fabulous husband. Here are some recipes to inspire and help through the process of preparing a fish fresh from the ocean to be ready for the plate…

Cobh Fishnets


From Start to Finish…

VIDEO: Martin’s Mad About Fish– Fishy Fishy’s own Martin Shanahan shows us how it’s done in Kinsale, County Cork.


Fishing Boat in Ireland


Preparing the Catch…

Preparing Freshly Caught Fish from Living On A Boat (UK)

How to Clean/Gut a Fish from wikiHow


Preparing the Fish for Dinner

Cooking the Catch…

Mediterranean-style mackerel pasta salad  from

Mackerel braised in miso sauce (Saba no miso ni) from Just Hungry

Chilli Mackerel with Warm Chorizo and New Potato Salad from Donal Skehan

Sriracha mackerel Vietnamese rolls from

Baked Ling Cod with Lemon-Garlic Butter Sauce Recipe from Simply Recipes

Freaking Fantastic Fish from What We’re Eating

Tomato, chilli and mackerel pizza from (more of their mackerel recipes here)

Here are my fish and seafood recipes

Net and Chain

What’s your favourite fish and how to prepare it?

Spanish Mackerel, MHC 001

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