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Tuna Salad – Six Ways

For those who observe Lent, fish is now a Friday habit, but it doesn't have to be all fish sticks in this recession climate - canned tuna is a versatile food that can become a favorite ingredient with the right flavorful partners. With this basic Tuna Salad recipe, you can make several different meals, including but not limited to: Open-Faced Tuna Melt Sandwiches, Tuna Sandwiches, Tuna Over Green Salad, Tuna Pockets, and Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes. First, I have included the basic recipe (adapt to your tastes) then I have included instructions on how to use it in each of the aforementioned dishes.
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I’m Not Crabby, but My Dinner Is

You know it’s crab season when the nice table linens are replaced with yesterday’s newspaper. Anyone living within a day’s drive of the Chesapeake Bay has a special appreciation for crab that is only paralleled by France’s passion for cheese. These days, Maryland-style crab cakes pop up on menus from Toledo to Tucson. Personally, I’d much rather try that city’s specialty, but I like knowing the crab cake has fans from sea to shining sea. Blue Crab is the usual choice for Mid-Atlantic cuisine since the crabs have taken a liking to the Chesapeake Bay. The Blue Crab also has a fancier name, Callinectes sapidus. The first part means beautiful swimmer in Greek and the second part means savory in Latin. Though Blue Crab is local, many other types of crab (eg, Dungeness, Snow, Alaska King) are available thanks to the marvels of modern-day shipping efficiency. In general, all crabs should be eaten within 24 hours if raw or live and within 48 hours if cooked. Whether it’s a hot day or a chilly evening, this week’s recipes pay homage to the savory Blue Crab. Without hesitation, the Chesapeake Crab Cakes are the first listed in the column and the first to disappear from a dinner plate. If you can’t get to Chincoteague Island or Maryland’s Eastern Shore, then this recipe will take you there! Cool off with Crab & Avocado Salad, which has a tangy citrus dressing that is barely there so you can enjoy the natural flavor of the crab with the smooth avocado to balance out the spice. A crab column wouldn’t be complete without Maryland Crab Soup. This recipe went through rigorous critiques to become what it is today. Turn a snack or appetizer into a seaside experience with Kathy’s Crab Puffs. Easy to make, they’re an instant crowd pleaser.
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For the Man Who Brings Home the Bacon

What do you get for the man who has everything? Food, of course! This Father’s Day, you can spoil your favorite dad with delicious dishes featuring bacon. It has a reputation as a family food. Something you cook up for a breakfast at home or to top a burger in a greasy spoon spot. But really bacon can also be refined. It has a secret life in refined social circles as a delicate way to add a meaty flavor without the density of chops or ground meat. Naturally, dad will have to taste test all the delicious dishes made in his honor, but don’t let him help with the clean up. For a bit of surf n’ turf this weekend, make Shrimp in a Blanket. This dish is an excellent starter for a special meal or ideal for cocktail parties. There is such a thing as summer comfort food, you can find it in a bite of the Bacon Zucchini Bake. It goes well with rice on the side and a grilled meat or fish as the main meal feature. Both that and the Pomme de Terre Gratinée are ideal for pot luck dinners. The Gratinée is a favorite family dish that, in a pinch, can also be made with leftover ham. All three of these recipes can be made with turkey, beef, pork, veal, or meatless bacon. Each will bring its own distinctive flavor to the dish and cater to your dietary preferences.