Bear In Sheep’s Clothing Mini Skein Calendar Show-and-Tell

This year, I chose to buy the Bear In Sheep’s Clothing December Mini Skein Calendar. My friend Nicola (@KnitCola) has graciously allowed me to use her photos in this post. They’re linked to her Instagram, which you should check out for more woolly beauty.


The Bear In Sheep’s Clothing Mini Skein Calendar

The calendar included 24 20-gram mini skeins in a fade. This will result in a hand knit accessory worn year-round and adored.

The 24 natural paper parcels arrived stamped with the Bear logo and a natural just or burlap string to hang the parcels up. Here it is on my living room wall.

My craft adventures in November and December 2018 all described in posts on my blog

An Post has major delays this month, which meant my calendar was held up in a depot for a week. I adapted and now my plan is to open my full skein on New Year’s Eve then start my Calendar on New Year’s Day. It will be a fun way to enjoy the calm after the Kickstarter storm since I am focusing most of my time, energy, and attention on my Kickstarter this month. The calendar will be a nice reward during the home stretch of my campaign.

Bear in sheep’s clothing advent calendar of mini skeins for 2018. Read more on

And Nicola put hers in a basket.

Bear In Sheep's Clothing Advent Calendar 2018 - @KnitCola | EvinOK

Photo: @KnitCola


The Base

My set was dyed on the luxurious Bear Sturdy – 100% superwash bluefaced Leicester. All British yarn spun in Britain, of course! The Bluefaced Leicester sheep breed is well known for producing some of the finest British yarns. It has a lovely lustre, making it wonderful to work with while also being soft against the skin. The construction and twist of the yarn ensures good durability, without the need for nylon. I also opted for the extra full skein, which came beautifully wrapped.

The Fade

BISC dyed the a range that feels like natural hues from a vegetable garden. I love that range because it doesn’t feel forced onto the exquisite wool. It starts in a warm beetroot color then shifts to peachy roses in a subdued sense and onto green, as if a few leaves have been blown into the mix. From there, it cools down toward bluer shades. It is inventive and rainbow-y without being anywhere near a rainbow in vibrancy or saturation. This is a rainbow of subtlety and naturalness.

Bear In Sheep's Clothing Advent Calendar 2018 - @BearInSheepsClothing | EvinOK

Photo: @BearInSheepsClothing


Bear In Sheep's Clothing Advent Calendar 2018 - @KnitCola | EvinOK

Photo: @KnitCola

Dust of Snow Wrap

To show off the Bear Calendar, @KnitCola chose to knit Helen Stewart‘s Dust of Snow wrap (RAVELRY LINKS). The final shawl will measure 264cm (104”) long and 47cm (18.5”) wide. The Knitvent Collection is a treasure! This pattern is new and freshly published in the six-pattern Knitvent 2018 collection. Dust of Snow already has a whopping 737 projects (RAVLERY LINK). For knitters of this and other Knitvent 2018 patterns, there is a Knitvent 2018 Chat thread on Ravelry (RAVELRY LINK).

Bear In Sheep's Clothing Advent Calendar 2018 - @KnitCola | EvinOK

Photo: @KnitCola


Bear In Sheep's Clothing Advent Calendar 2018 - @KnitCola | EvinOK

Photo: @KnitCola


Bear In Sheep's Clothing Advent Calendar 2018 - @KnitCola | EvinOK

Photo: @KnitCola


Mini Skein Patterns to Knit and Love

I’ve written about mini skein pattern options before, from lists of patterns to how to make your own mini skein set.

I compiled a Comprehensive List of Patterns to Use with Mini Skeins & Yarn Calendar Sets.  (big list, you’ll love it)

How to Create Your Own Yarn Calendar with Leftover Sock Scraps (list of 2018 mini skein patterns in this post)

Ambah’s ADVENTurous Wrap (details on knitting this pattern)


The Full Skein Fade Set

Bear In Sheep’s Clothing has chosen to create a special full-skein fade with the same colors as the mini fade! Her ‘Decadent’ fade set is available as a pre-order in her Etsy shop. Just like with her countdown Calendar, you choose your base (three 4-ply options and a DK). This kit, which ships in early February, consists of seven 100-gram skeins in her rich colorways: Ganash, Coulis, Cognac, Baileys, Boutique, Klimt, Manuka.

The colors remind me of a jewel box of Citrine and Garnet – or perhaps a roast vegetable medley with beets, Yukon gold potatoes, and yams. Whatever is brought to mind with this fade, it feels decidedly earthy and pensive. Like the feeling of tracing your finger of a library of old leather-bound books on deep mahogany shelves. This set is ideal to use when knitting Joji Locatelli’s Spector pullover or any of the other fade-worthy patterns.

Bear In Sheep's Clothing 'Decadent'' Fade Set

What is your favourite pattern for mini skein fades?


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