The Knit of the Irish – Patterns for St. Patrick’s Day

No sooner are the heart-shaped scones devoured and the roses haven’t even started to wilt and I’m going to dive in and start talking about Saint Patrick’s Day. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day. No, not St. Paddy’s Day or Pat’s Day or P Day… St. Patrick’s Day. But before I leap into that, here are links to my Pancake recipe posts because today is Pancake Day! Pancake Tuesday! Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras! Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Dutch Pancake Recipe

Buttermilk Pancakes

American Blueberry Pancakes

Now, with a month to go before Saint Patrick’s feast day, we better get knitting, folks! About 150 years ago, my ancestors left Ireland in pursuit of the American dream. I wonder what they’d say to me now that I’ve moved back? It has been nearly seven years since I became an expat and started a new life in Ireland, so I feel like that lends some street cred to this post I’m writing since it’s a list of traditional, tricolourful, or fun knitting and crochet patterns in celebration of all things Irish. I tried to list mostly free patterns, but some I just loved so much I included them because I’d be willing to part with a few quid for them. Many of the patterns included are clovers, shamrocks, Irish cables, or fuchsia, but several others are not blatantly Irish in their appearance but, in fact, designed by someone in Ireland. So, each item on the list is here for a reason, so let’s start off with one that is very special because of the designer. You can adapt the pattern to be just a cluster of shamrocks and pin them to your sweater, like we do here.


And, sadly, I do not have a knitting pattern for this scene, but I couldn’t resist sharing this window I saw in Dingle.

Wooly Shepherd and Flock

If you want to know more about what life in Ireland is like for this American, you can read my other blog, 40 Shades of Life. Actually, I wrote a post about St. Patrick’s Day here in Cork City you may enjoy reading.

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  1. Talena Winters says:

    Hi, Evin! What a lovely collection of patterns, and that’s a cute tea cozy you designed! I love the scene at the end, and so did my two-year-old (but he kept saying the animals were elephants, lol). Looks like you plan to be busy for the next month! 🙂

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