Patching Shredded Jeans for Winter Warmth

I have a favorite pair of Gap jeans. They’re comfortable and the right weight for Cork weather, but they are not great for winter because there are some shredded sections by the cuffs. And I know I’m being a Debbie Downer when I mention that winter is coming. But I need to prepare to be cosy and warm – and stylish.


I went through my fabric stash for a jersey fabric that I could use to patch the holes. I chose a Liberty Fabrics jersey I bought in Dublin in 2009 or so. It was eager for the right project. Really eager. The jeans have some stretch to them, so a stretchy fabric was perfect.


The whole thing was very straightforward. I just stitched while holding both fabrics taut and trimmed excess when done. I wish it had been more complex so I could detail the process for you.


The jeans are charming and more like my style.

Sewing projects on

Sewing projects on

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