Patterns & Stitch Markers that are the Bees’ Knees

It’s no secret, I love bees. Like, really love them. As a child, there was a hive in my dresser and we lived in harmony until my parents heard about my roommates. It is also one of the few things I’ve never been allergic to. I was stung by nine at once (they got in my car!) with no reaction, so I count myself very lucky. If I see someone with a bee on them, I gently take it off and relocate the bee, knowing not everyone feels like I do.

So, it is long overdue to write a post about all the fab bee patterns. I’ll also mention some knitting-related (and a few crochet) bee items that I have too because why not?

Honeycomb Tea Cosy knitting pattern from #BakeKnitSew is a quick knit two colorways of with Aran weight yarn.


Honeycomb Tea Cosy by Evin Bail O’Keeffe (me) from Bake Knit Sew: A Recipe and Craft Project Annual (Pictured)

Bee [Baby] Blanket by we are knitters

Bee-autiful Baby Blanket by Sproglets Kits

Bee [Hot Water Bottle] Cozy by Melissa Kelenske

Bee Happy Honeycomb Baby Blanket Lapghan by Crafting Happiness *CROCHET*

Bee my baby blanket by Rebecca Parker *CROCHET*

Bee Hives and Clover Afghan Block by Joyce D. Lewis *CROCHET*

Buzzy Bee Mobile by Stacey Trock *CROCHET*

Honeycomb Blanket by Adrienne Brigham *CROCHET*

Shawls & Tops

Save The Bees Shawl by Sherri Hazen

Hotel of Bees Shawl by Christina Hadderingh *CROCHET*

Bee Garden Shawl by Deborah Warkotsch

Bee Happy Shawl by Samantha Hinks

Bee Top by Elena Fedotova *CROCHET*


Bee Patterned Knit Hat by Heidi Arjes

Bee Cosy Slipper Socks by Helen Kurtz

Worker Bee [fingerless gloves] by Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren

Bee Space [hat] by Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren

Beekeeper’s Set [ebook with Worker Bee and Bee Space] by Fiona Hamilton-MacLaren

Oh Bee Hive! by WJ Paterson

Worker Bee Bag by Heidi Gustad  *CROCHET*

Enamel Pins

Honeybee Enamel Pin by BreeAnn Veenstra of Wildship Goods for Wool & Honey

Honeybee Darling Enamel Lapel Pin by The Cozy Mozy

Botanical Beehive Hard Enamel Pin by Lilly Baik

Bee Positive Soft Enamel Pin by Roxie Owen Photography

‘You’re a keeper’ Beekeeper Enamel Pin by I am Luna Sol

Stitch Markers & Jewelery

Beekeeper – charm bracelet & stitchmarker set by An Caitín Beag

Beekeeper – stitchmarker set by An Caitín Beag

Beekeeper – leather bangle & stitchmarker set (I have and love this!) by An Caitín Beag (Pictured)

Bee Stitch Markers by Katrinkles for KnitPicks

Bee Stitch Markers by Liz Saile for Wool & Honey

Bee Skep Needle Gauge by Blue Ridge Needleart

Honeycomb Heart Necklace by A Few Random Things

18k gold Honey Bee Charm by Tiffany & Co

I’ll bee busy – or I’ll be a busy bee with all these projects! Which one do you love most?

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