Quick and Easy Curly Wurly Gluten-free Brownies

The hectic holiday season is approaching at full speed. We survived last year (and Thanksgiving if you celebrate it) with maybe just a broken casserole dish, but now we most get ready again. This is when the final cleanup is happening to make way for the garlands and decorations and tree and gifts. But it is also when healthy habits are challenges and chocolates seem to multiple when left in tins overnight. This post is about how to find a use for all the Cadbury Roses or random chocolates sitting around your home and share them so you do not eat them all.

I love good quality dark chocolate, but honestly most other chocolates fall short for me. But I do find them so perfect for baking inside brownies! No, really, you can take a bunch of chocolate candy or sweets and add them into a batch of brownies for a unique, indulgent treat which you can then bring to your office or give to a neighbor. Not only do you look like a baking goddess, but super thoughtful – meanwhile, you’re gloating that you’ve managed to clear out some of the ever-multiplying chocolate temptations from the house. I’ve done it with Halloween candy too and it really is fun because you can get the whole family involved.

For this recipe, I used a boxed brownie mix. Yes, a mix. Why? Because you have enough to do in December without adding homemade brownies to the list. Seriously, you deserve a break. Also, for this I made them gluten-free for broader appeal at my office. I am not gluten-free and when I bake gluten-free to share with others, I opt for boxed mixes to avoid any cross-contamination my usual ingredients may have. If you do not work with gluten-free colleagues, you can use regular brownie mix for this. But I am telling you about the mix up front because sometimes I post complex recipes, but a friend recently asked me to post a few easy ones that use boxed mixes. So, I am doing just that and must admit that this “recipe” is a farce.


Curly Wurly Gluten-free Brownies

Gluten-free brownie mix

Leftover chocolate candy

  1. Prepare the brownie mix and baking pan according to directions on the box.
  2. Unwrap preferred candies and chop them. Stir into the batter before transferring to baking dish to bake.
  3. That’s it.

Here’s the result of my Curly Wurly Brownies, which I brought to my office. For this, I spread the Curly Wurly ribbons across the top halfway through baking, then two minutes before removing from the oven, I added another layer. If I had to do it over again, I would have used chopped Snickers (also gluten-free) because the caramel of the Curly Wurly ribbons is very difficult to cut once melted and cooled again. Or I should have cut at home where I have my Global knives. The butter knives in the office kitchen could barely manage.



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