And Baby Makes Four

With baby AH turning the corner in growth and still not sleeping, I find my blogging time limited and will be lessening my blogging for a few months to focus on our fourth family member.

Don’t worry, I’ll check in each month with a little post on how we’re doing so you know I’m still thinking of you. Of course, you can follow me on Instagram for day-to-day tid bits and updates.

After keeping this little secret all year, I'm pleased to have the cat out of the bag. Well, the baby out of the belly. #micdrop We welcomed our little bundle and are loving being back in the new baby cocoon. So, to celebrate, a look back at the belly. #b

September has been lovely as we get to know AH and see more glimpses into his personality. We also have recovered from his early arrival. He was just 2.5kg (5.5lbs) at birth, but growing well. I’ll check back in a few weeks, but in the meantime here are photos of the little cutie.

My Sunday knitting group made this patchwork baby blanket for AH in cottons!

My lucky baby is wrapped in love from my knitting group. #knitting #crochet #baby #babyblanket #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #knitwithlove

Kanoko pants!

Best wishes to all the #lwibloggies2016 finalists and everyone attending the @blogawardsie tonight. This is my view. #newborn #tinytoes

Carol Feller‘s Iceling Cardigan (made by her)

Five years old and this Iceling Cardigan by @feller.carol is still soft, warm, and cosy. #knitting #knitstagram #icelingcardigan #stolenstitches #baby #babyknits #babycardigan #handknit

Roll Tide!

We're ready for today's game against Ole Miss. #RollTide Made with love by @knitterm

More soon!

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